Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Squirrel Shadow Pendant - Wire Jewellery Tutorial

This morning I picked up my wire-jewellery tools and start thinking what I supposed to do with them.
Honest speaking I'm a bar-barian crafter, who do what my soul (hands, literary) wants to do at the time. I'm sorry.

Then, this is it.. a Squirrel Shadow pendant. I called it, just because accidentally I want a rabbit but appeared much more like a squirrel.

Let's get review what I've done.

1. I start with coiling wire by hand; a thiner artistic wire 22 Ga over a thicker wire 16 Ga.

1. Hand coiled
2. Approx length

2. Because as I said I am a bar-barian crafter, just cut the length what I like, I can't tell you the exact length I used. But at least, I did a picture that showed approximately 15 cm of 16 Ga, and 6 cm of the result coiled wire.

3. Then I did spiral at the side that has a small length of un-coiled wire.

4. I thought it would be nice if it tangled on a bead. Then, I did select one of my Axe Head Dyed Amethyst Agate that has a nice shape. I did insert a wire through the hole and tight it with artistic wire 28 Ga.

3. Spiral
4. With a bead

That was the time, when I realized what I am going to do with this...
If I am going to make a pendant (which usually I ended up with), I just lost my support to create a hook. The hole is full of 16 Ga wire.

Then my hands magically know what to do.

5. I thought I am going to make a rabbit head with its ear is going to be a hook for a collar, with 16 Ga of wire. I also tight its ears and the connection end and the other-end with 28 Ga of wire.

6. Tight it together, again with 28 Ga of wire. Then I know, I just made a Squirrel Shadow pendant. Ha!

5. Supposed to be a rabbit head

6. A Squirrel Shadow Pendant

Tools I used so far:
Wire cutter
Flat nose plier
Round nose plier
Artistic wire 16 Ga, 22 Ga, and 28 Ga

Good Luck
Let your hands talk, be creative.

Miss M

Squirrel Shadow Pendant by Miss M

Friday, June 7, 2013

Blog Theme or Whatsoever

My apologize to the engineering/science/any-background people who might to see any science or technology concepts about 'the seepage and the crack' and unexpectedly coming to this site.. 
,because this blog is far from that context.

warm regards,
Miss M